10 Tips For Combating Winter Dry Skin

10 Tips For Combating Winter Dry Skin

10 Tips For Combating Winter Dry Skin

Winter weather is extremely hard on your skin. The cold air, wind, sleet and snow can leave your skin feeling chapped and dry. While there is really no plausible way to avoid winter weather, there are some things that you can do to avoid getting dry skin in the winter. Here are 10:

1. Bundle up: Never go out in extremely cold temperatures without bundling up. Cover all exposed skin from winter air with winter apparel such as scarves and gloves. Winter air will cause dry skin by zapping moisture right out of otherwise healthy skin; be sure to cover up and not let winter air have the opportunity.

2. Wear Chapstick: The thin skin of your lips is extremely vulnerable to winter weather. During the winter months, most people fight dry skin, chapping, and peeling on and around their lips. Remember to always wear Chapstick or some sort of protecting lip cover so that your lips will remain gorgeous and healthy all winter long.

3. Turn down the heat: When the weather outside is cold and frightful, a hot shower sounds so delightful. But you should avoid taking overly hot and long showers as the hot water will cause dry skin. Take warm showers only and find another way to warm up such as cuddling up with a blanket or someone special.

4. Humidify your home: The heat gained from your home's heating system can cause your skin to dry out. To prevent dry skin due to your heating system be sure to use a humidifier in your home at all times. If you use a fireplace or wood stove, place a pan of hot water over the heat to release moisture into the air.

5. Increase fluids: Be sure to drink a lot of water during the winter months. This is really the only way to infuse moisture into your skin and prevent dry skin from occurring deep in your skin tissue. Remember; no amount of emollients and lotions that you put on the outside of your skin can reach deep down into your skin and heal it from the inside out. You will need to drink water to do this.

6. Address dry spots and cracks immediately: If your dry skin has the tendency to get extremely irritated and crack, you know how painful this can be. Counteract these tough spots by using medicated lotions and treatments at the first sign of trouble. You can find numerous intense skin treatments over the counter at your local department store.

7. Avoid scratching: Dry skin is easily irritated. Avoid scratching the skin with your nails or with harsh fabrics. Wear light, layered materials that will allow your skin to breath.

8. Make lotion your best friend: You should increase the amount of times that you apply lotion during the winter months. This will not only help heal dry skin, it will also prevent dry skin from occurring in the first place.

9. Avoid going out in extremely harsh weather: If the wind chill factor is extremely low or if the temperature is below freezing, limit the amount of time that you spend outdoors if at all possible. If you must go out, protect your skin.

10. Call your doctor: Do not be afraid to talk to your doctor about your dry skin condition. Your skin may be drying out due to a medical condition and have nothing to do with the weather at all.

Yes, winter weather can wreak havoc on your skin, but you do not have to sit idly by and suffer the effects of dry skin. Be proactive in the health of your skin and do all you can to protect it. If you feel that your skin is dry due to something other than the weather, make an appointment with your doctor immediately. There are several health conditions than can cause your skin to dry out.

Your overall health also has a lot to do with how healthy your skin is. Be sure to eat a well-balanced diet, get plenty of sleep, and exercise regularly. You would be surprised by how far a healthy outlook will go to alleviate dry skin.

Source by Della Franklin


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