10 Tips to Burn More Calories Every Day

10 Tips to Burn More Calories Every Day

10 Tips to Burn More Calories Every Day

Some of these you will read and say, "I've heard this before" but you still do not do them, and others may be a first for you. Either way if you actually put these into practice, I guarantee you will lose weight over time, Or I'll give you double your money back.

1. Park at the far side of the lot when you go to the store. OK you've heard this one before, but do you actually do it? I see people all the time driving in circles looking to get that space up front, looking for the backup lights to light up. C'mon. I've even seen this in the parking lot at the gym where people are possibly going to do cardio. Is that extra hundred feet of walking going to kill you?

2. Stand up straight! Really. When you were growing up, I know you probably heard your mother say, sit up, do not slouch. The truth is that if you are standing or sitting up straight you are holding muscles tight and strengthening your core at the same time.

3. Just stand up. Do you ever go to your child's (or grandchild, brother, sister, etc) sporting event? Instead of sitting on that chair you bought along, spend some time standing or even pacing the line keeping up with the action. It gets you more involved with the sport, plus you get some extra exercise

4. Find an accountability partner (or two) and let people know you are starting to go to the gym. This small action will make you think twice before hitting the snooze button, or taking that second brownie! Ask them to hold you accountable. A good friend will help you succeed.

5. Do not watch your kids play, join them. You do not have to run and scream like a banshee, although you can, but just pushing your child on the swing, or walking along with them as they play will burn calories.

6. Clean your house. Oops, did I really write that down. I do not know anyone who keeps up the way they should, but if you look at pushing a broom or vacuuming as a form of extra exercise, you are killing two birds with one stone. Do not forget to clean up the birds.

7. Wash your car. OK, I am totally guilty of not washing my car much, but think about the stretching, reaching and lifting that goes into a good wash. Do not forget to vacuum the interior as well.

8. Talk to your co-workers. It is easy to sit at your desk and shoot e-mails around, but getting out of that chair and talking to your co-workers can be fun and productive.

9. Take the stairs. Even small chunks of real estate will help in your quest. Skip the escalator at the mall and take the stairs next time.

10. Sit on a ball. This is for the hard core, but is really great to make your core muscles work. Get that exercise ball that has been collecting dust in the basement and take it to work with you. Try substituting the ball for your chair just for 15 minutes twice a day and see if you can increase that over time.

The greatest journey begins with a single step. At least a few of these suggestions are do-able for everyone.

Source by Robert Britt


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