5 Ways to Burn Calories and Fat at Work

5 Ways to Burn Calories and Fat at Work

5 Ways to Burn Calories and Fat at Work

During these hard economic times, you may find yourself spending more time at work trying to make ends meet. Whether this is true or you're putting in your normal eight or nine hours, why not double up on your work? Turn your time at work into a workout with these five easy steps.

Apply these five tips in your daily routine, and you'll burn calories and fat while working!

Choose your parking space wisely. Choose a parking space that is far enough away from your office building to give you a quick workout as you walk to the office. Make sure to get your legs moving and your heart pumping as you head into the office. A fast-paced 2 minute walk burns approximately 10 calories and two walks each day burns about 20 calories. After a week at work, you've shed 100 calories-all for having to walk into the office, which you have to do anyway!

Trade in the elevator for stairs. Instead of taking the elevator up and down, or using the escalator, opt for the stairs. Going up and down the stairs is a great workout, and if you use the stairs two to three times per day, you can burn approximately 20 calories on each trip. If you take the stairs twice a day (once to start the day and once to end it), five days a week, you're burning approximately 200 calories per week.

Do it standing. Most of the time you type away at your computer while sitting at your desk. Mix it up and position your computer so you can work while sitting and standing. Stand up and type periodically through the day. Typing on your computer keyboard while standing helps you to burn more calories than by sitting. For example, if you type for 20 minutes while standing, you'll burn over 50 calories.

Brisk walk coffee breaks. Taking a break from the daily grind by stepping away from your desk refreshes your mind and gives you moments of clarity. Step away from your desk for 10 minutes every 2-3 hours and use this time to take a brisk walk. Brisk 10-minute walk equate to shedding about 50 calories. A couple of breaks each day equates to 100 calories or 500 calories each week! That is some serious calorie burning.

Walk before lunch. Before eating lunch, take a brisk 10-minute walk. This allows the food you eat for lunch to feed your muscles instead of the calories being stored as fat. The brisk walk burns about 50 calories, and reduces the amount of fat left in your body when lunch is over.

Use your time at work to multitask. Give your body a workout while you're doing your job. You'll burn calories, shed fat, and save yourself time at the gym. It's also an easy step towards creating a healthy body and lifestyle.

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