Activities That Burn Calories

Activities That Burn Calories

Activities That Burn Calories

You do not have to run or swim everyday just to burn a lot of calories. In fact, whether you run or walk a mile, you're still burning the same amount of calories. Running will help strengthen your heart, muscles and lungs. The amount of calories you need to burn is different for everyone, it all depends on how much you weigh.

Did you know that by doing your daily activities you're already burning a ton of calories? Here is a short run down of popular activities and how many calories you'll lose for the falling activities.

Sleeping : 50

Walking : 100

Dancing : 160

Tennis : 160

Football : 180

Swimming : 240

Just by doing chores you can burn up 200 calories- 140 calories from mopping and 75 from vacuuming. You can burn about 177 just by pulling weeds and another 120 calories when you mow the lawn. Save yourself the $ 4 it cost to get a car wash, you'll burn 300 calories if you wash your car yourself.

Want to eat that delicious apple pie at Thanksgiving but afraid of eating too much? If you spend an hour cleaning up and washing dishes, you've just burned 452 calories- 300 from cleaning up and 152 from doing the dishes. If you're like myself and constantly move furniture around for parties or just to redecorate, that's 450 calories burned there. It's amazing is not it?

Ladies tell your husbands that if they do simple outdoor and indoor chores, they can burn a ton of calories. Painting your living room can help him burn 204 calories, roofing will burn 400 calories an hour- just remember to keep drinking water if it's hot out. It's not worth getting too dehydrated.

Spending 30-minutes shopping in the grocery store will help you burn 130 calories, if you have kids running around you'll probably burn twice that! Add 100 calories burned if you walk a half hour to the store.

Do not worry TOO much about "calories", because no matter what you are doing you're going to burn a ton of calories. Just remember, just because you're burning body fat does not mean you can steal eat junk food. Cookies and cakes are HIGH in kilojoules and it's not worth doing all this working out to blow it on a yummy cupcake.

Source by Hanaa Cadey


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