Alcohol and Drug Addiction – Denial is a Big Part of It

Alcohol and Drug Addiction – Denial is a Big Part of It

Alcohol and Drug Addiction - Denial is a Big Part of It

Most people do not think that they have any kind of addiction problem. We think that what we are doing is fine with us and everyone else involved. But, what we do not see, is how we are effecting the people that care about us, and also where our lives are headed to.

We are basically heading down a dead end street. But, it's a street that you can turn around on if you choose to.

Sometimes we are in so much Denial that we just can not see what is going on in our lives. But, all the people around us can see it just fine. They have asked you to quit, and tell you how you act when under the influence, but we just ignore their opinions and tell them to mind their own business.

Alcohol Addiction is all about Denial. We see nothing wrong with our addiction but, the world around us does.
If only we can see what is going on around us, and admit that we do have a problem, is when you will see the light. When you finally admit that you are in denial is when you will be able to start to help yourself.

When I finally admitted I had a real problem, I just put my arms up in the air and said that I give up, and that the demons inside have won. They have changed my life for the worse. They have done what they set out to do, which is to seek and destroy, and now it's time to put a stop to them forever.

So, the moral of the story is, that when you finally admit to your Alcohol and Drug Addiction and say that denial was a big part of it, is when you can feel free again and be able to start on your road to recovery.

Sobriety is the greatest thing in the world, so really try hard to achieve it. You will not be sorry, I did it, and it has changed my life forever.

Source by Peter M. Bruno


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