Be Careful When Choosing Acidophilus Pills

Be Careful When Choosing Acidophilus Pills

Be Careful When Choosing Acidophilus Pills

Lactobacillus acidophilis, or more simply known as acidophilus, is a live bacterial organism strain that can be found in certain probiotics. Acidophilus lives primarily in the small intestine and vanilla area.

This bacteria has many health benefits and can be found in foods such as yogurt and kefir, also taken in supplement pills or liquid form.

Health benefits of acidophilus pills

Some of it's specific health benefits include aid with digestion, preventing and treating diarrhea symptoms, and fighting high cholesterol levels.

Acidophilus, as with any beneficial intestinal bacteria can improve anyone's digestive health. The more we have the better. When Bad bacteria over populates the good bacteria is when we develop digestion problems, disorders and disease.

Different strains of bacteria benefit different things in our digestive system, therefor it's best to get a variety of strains, not just one or two.

Here's the problem with acidophilus and other probiotic bacteria pills

When you're shopping for probiotics, there will be many on the market that simply are inferior in quality, and some can be bad for you to take. Do not choose any product that does not have the word "standardized" on the label.

Standardized means it was inspected by an independent laboratory for quality and purity. The problem with live bacteria is that many things can go wrong from the beginning production stage to the final pill.

Many companies buy bacterial strains from companies that mass-produce these strains and there is no quality control here. There have been reports of soil and feces in some commercial probity supplements.

Read the label

The price will tell you a lot; anything priced much lower than competitive products will be inferior. Honest manufacturers spend time and money on things like research and development, quality bacteria strains, seal-proof packaging, quality vegetarian capsules, all of which cost money. This is why quality probiotic supplements are not cheap.

If the label does not name the specific strains and how many there are, do not buy it. Anything under 10 billion is not worth buying.

Acidophilus pills can be of great benefit if you buy a quality product, otherwise avoid them.

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