Does Drinking Water Burn Calories? Learn How Water Helps Burn Fat

Does Drinking Water Burn Calories? Learn How Water Helps Burn Fat

Does Drinking Water Burn Calories? Learn How Water Helps Burn Fat

Many dieters ask the question does drinking water burn calories. Well after several studies the answer is yes. However H20 will not help you burn a large amount of calories each day. But combined with the right diet and exercise plan it can help you achieve your overall weight loss goal.

By drinking water you are filling up the stomach. Whenever you feel hungry see about drinking a glass. Also drink before eating a meal as this makes you fuller faster and you will eat less food. Alternately water does not contain calories while other drinks, even diet drinks do contain plenty of calories.

When you diet your body breaks down fat and this will produce waste products that are processed through the kidneys. Water is very important for kidney function and to make sure they are working at top performance. If you are following a high protein diet then water is even more important because these diets produce more waste than other types of diets.

Drinking water, particularly cold, can increase your metabolism for about a half an hour after drinking. This metabolism increase means you will burn an extra 25 calories. 25 calories equates to a slice of bread or about 5M & Ms. Scientists believe this metabolism increase is due to the fact that the body needs to warm up the liquid once you have swallowed it. So the colder the beverage the more calories you will burn.

In order to lose weight when dieting it is recommended that you drink about 8 glasses a day. This is about 1 to 2 liters more than what you would normally drink which can equate to burning an extra 100 calories.

However drinking too much can be a problem as your body needs to maintain its balance of water and electrolytes. If you have too much H20 and not enough salt then this can cause a heart attack. Athletes have died because they were not replacing the salt in their bodies. So do not go overboard. Drink some extra but more than 2 liters a day is too much.

To keep the body working at its best it is best to drink plenty of water before and during exercise. Most individuals forget to drink before they exercise. You do not want to push hydrating but it is a good to start out with some water and then take a drink when you become thirsty. Hydrating too much can also affect your performance

Source by VK Rajagopalan


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