Dry Skin on Your Penis – Is it Normal and How to Get Rid of It?

Dry Skin on Your Penis – Is it Normal and How to Get Rid of It?

Dry Skin on Your Penis - Is it Normal and How to Get Rid of It?

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The skin on your genital area is also similar to the skin of the other parts of your body. As with dryness on other skin surfaces, genital skin dryness can be easily treated. There is no need for extra alarm.

People find it alarming because because they associate this condition with sexually transmitted diseases. STDs, however, are an entirely different set of diseases involving the genitalia. However, when dry skin appears on a regular basis, you need to avail of medical treatment. This may indicate more serious skin and genital condition.

Cause of skin drying on the penis

There are many known causes of skin dryness on your penis. Your very tight underwear may cause the skin surrounding the genitalia to easily get extra dry. The heat trapped inside causes the substantial loss of moisture on the skin layers of your penis. You have to replace if you have them.

You also need to avoid using soaps and detergents. These commonly contain harsh chemicals that aggravate the skin condition on your penis. Just like with the skin on other parts of your body, use gentle bath gels and moisturizing creams instead. It is also possible for you to develop allergic reactions because of those harmful compounds. Even a minute amount may enter the interior of the penis shaft and cause other conditions inside.

Some skin disorders

Skin dryness on your penis may also be a symptom of more serious skin disorders. Frequent skin drying on the penis may indicate psoriasis. Psoriasis is a skin ailment that needs immediate treatment, especially if the penis skin is the one affected. Psoriasis appears as a dry skin in the inner surface of the penis foreskin. It normally appears like thick raised skin materials with clearly defined edges. In some cases, eczema also exhibits more often skin drying on the penis skin.

Remember that the penis is essential in reproduction and personal self-esteem. Extreme dryness of the skin in the penis may lead to scaling and chapping. Although it is not easily recognizable, this situation could have been very embarrassing to your partner. You might even be suspected with having an STD, especially when cuts begin to appear in some worst cases. Be careful when this happens. Cuts could be potential entry paths of several microorganisms which can cause irritation, infection and inflammation of the affected skin parts. When this happens, you need to make a visit to a doctor. Likewise, you also need to avoid making sexual contacts with your partner for the meanime. The genitalia of your partner are also rich breeding grounds of certain types of microorganisms known to cause sexually transmitted diseases. Other activities which should also be stopped are sex foreplay and masturbation.

Healthy skin condition, especially on your penis, speaks a lot about your hygiene and personality. Always be on guard. Help prevent dry skin on your penis.

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