Easy Crockpot Recipes are the Best Crockpot Recipes

Easy Crockpot Recipes are the Best Crockpot Recipes

Easy Crockpot Recipes are the Best Crockpot Recipes

You worked for hours over your stove to get the perfect meal prepared. It's getting close to the time when everyone is getting ready to sit down. The natives are getting restless so to speak but they're trying to stay out of the way and not say anything.

All eyes are on you. You can almost feel their hungry eyes burning a hole in the back of your head.

And then something inevitably goes wrong.

The meat is undercooked. The rice is overcooked. The mashed potatoes are too soft. The gravy is getting cold.

Oh No!

If only you had more time! If only you did not feel so rushed all the time! If only you started preparing the meal earlier! If only …

It looks like it's time to step back and slow things down a bit. Take a snapshot of this moment and ask yourself, "What went wrong? What are the lessons to be learned here? How can I get off this crazy cycle?"

It looks like your solution has been in your closet this whole time. Go and 'dust off that old crockpot'!

Your grandmother used it frequently and you never saw her stressing out in the kitchen. In fact she appeared to enjoy it. "What did she know that I do not know?"

And of course you remember the aroma wafting through the whole house. That memory lingers in your mind to this day.

You may be asking yourself, "Can a slow cooker actually do all this for me? Can it actually save time making a meal? How is this possible?"

I know it looks to go against logic, but the answer is "Yes, it will save you tons of time preparing a meal". Many have found this out for themselves and are loving it!

Earlier in the day you will have loaded up the crockpot with the ingredients for your meal. You then turned it on and set it to the appropriate temperature. The crockpot will just quietly sit in the background doing its thing and will stay out of the way until the appropriate time.

And as you get experienced you will see that the easy crockpot recipes can sometimes be the very best crockpot recipes. You will have favorites that you will come back to time and again.

And you will see that you magically have more time on your hands and less stress! Try it tomorrow and see!

Now back to reality. Quick! Pull yourself away from this article and hurry back to the stove. It looks like your meat is burning!

Source by Tony Buel


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