Eye Cream for Dry Skin

Eye Cream for Dry Skin

Eye Cream for Dry Skin

Do you really need eye cream for dry skin? Is ordinary facial cream or lotion not enough? Discover the true answers to these frequently asked questions and more through this article.

Is an eye cream for dry skin really necessary? Many people still do not realize the importance of adding an eye cream to their skin care regimen. Too often, people discover the special needs of the area around their eyes a little too late – when wrinkles, fine lines and other skin damage have already started to set in. As is true in other aspects, prevention is always better than cure. Preventing eye damage must be prioritized over curing them. And this is where an eye cream is important.

Is a Separate Eye Cream Necessary?

Why a separate eye cream is necessary when there are facial creams that seem to do the same job? This is a very common misconception. If you think about it, the skin around the eyes is completely different from the skin in the other areas of the face. The skin around the eyes is thin and filled with sensitive membranes. The skin in the other areas of the face, on the other hand, consist of seven deep layers. Face creams are meant to penetrate down into these deep layers. Obviously, this effect is unnecessary in the eye area – even potentially harmful as there are membranes that are lodged underneath.

They have been formulated to respond to the entirely different needs of the area around the eyes. They do away with ingredients that can irritate or harm the sensitive membranes near the eyes. How do these eye creams work and what special ingredients can we find in eye cream for dry skin?

Three Excellent Ingredients in Eye Cream

Among excellent ingredients to look for are as follows:

Homeo Age – this patented ingredient is an extract from a type of Canadian alga. It is enriched with minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. This species of alga has been clinically proven to reduce wrinkles around the eyes. It also exhibits anti-aging properties especially for the delicate skin. It works because it is capable of stimulating the skin's cellular growth and can rejuvenate the cells directly at the molecular level.

Haloxl TM – this is another proprietary ingredient proven clinically to reduce dark circles and eye bags under the eyes. As we age, the skin around the eyes starts to get thinner and thinner, while fat layers start building up and plumping up the area. Aging and other factors can also cause the circulation in the under eye area to be inefficient, causing blue-red pigmentation – what we know as dark eye circles.

Eyeliss – Eyeliss is another breakthrough formula in eye cream for dry skin. This very expensive ingredient has been especially formulated in Europe, and today remains to be the secret ingredient for Hollywood stars and celebrities. Eyeliss works dramatically in reducing eye bags and smoothing out wrinkles – and works superbly fast too. Clinical trials on Eyeliss have shown that it is capable of reducing 62% of eye wrinkles.

With these three important ingredients, you can enjoy a more youthful looking eyes and a definitely better looking you.

Source by Mariah Young


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