How to Be a Beautiful Bride – Even in a Plus-Sized Wedding Gown

How to Be a Beautiful Bride – Even in a Plus-Sized Wedding Gown

How to Be a Beautiful Bride - Even in a Plus-Sized Wedding Gown

Keep in mind that shopping for plus size wedding dresses will take some time, so plan accordingly. Do not expect to get it done all in one day.

Have a good idea of ​​what you would like for a wedding dress, and your bridesmaid dresses as well. It will make the shopping trip much easier. However, there are things to know that will make it simpler for your plus size brides and bridesmaids too.

Depending on the bride, and how her body is built, there are some tricks that can be used to help make her look thinner in her wedding gown. Some of the answers are common sense, others may not be something you had thought of before.

First, let's talk about the cleavage-it can be a very useful thing. If the bride has it, then flaunt it. If not, then find a way to flaunt it. Push up bras can be useful, and will help pull the eye up and away from other areas of the body that may be more detracting.

Sleeves are another important thing to consider, but many forget about them-they are very valuable. Instead of making them very tight, and close to the arm, look for styles that have something loose-fitting sleeves.

It is not necessary that the sleeves come all the way down the arm on the plus size wedding dress, or even the bridesmaid dress. The idea behind the looser sleeve is to hide fatter, or even flabbier arms that plus size women tend to have.

Waistlines are also another big deal when finding the perfect wedding dress for a plus size woman. There are several different types of waistlines, and a fitted waistline is the largest mistake that a plus size bride or bridesmaid can possibly make buying plus size special occasion dresses.

Empire waistlines, sometimes called empress waistlines, are very high up, and are right underneath the bottom line of the bra. Another waistline, named the natural waistline is named that because it based on where your actual waistline should be-not where designers actually put it.

Both the empire and the natural waistlines are positives for the plus size woman because they take the onlooker's eye up, away from the lower half of the body, and re-center it towards their face, and cleavage. Designer waistlines or fitted waistlines make her look fatter by focusing attention on areas that the bride wants to avoid.

Once that the bride has found a gown with an empire or natural waist, that can successfully push up her cleavage to detract eyes away from a big tummy, she has done very well. Finding the right sleeves, and possibly a tummy panel on the inside to help control her stomach, would be the best thing she could ask for.

Tummy panels, as were previously mentioned, aim to bring control to the abdominal area of ​​the wearer. Usually they are found in pants, and very tight skirts, but sometimes they can be found or put into a bridal or bridesmaid dress.

Speaking of veils and tiaras, veils tend to do a great job of hiding pudginess in the shoulder and neck area. Veils that go down to about the middle of your back not only hide your face well when it needs to be, but slim your face, too. Remember, vertical lines add length, and thinness …

Tiaras, on the other hand, keep your whole face open for the world to see. If you are comfortable with that, then go for it. However, the best recommendation is a medium-length veil.

Trying to make a bride as perfect as possible is the aim of the bridal shop and their tailors. By placing some darts in just the right places, the tailor can help the plus size women slim down their look even more.

Should you have any questions while you are shopping, look around, and find a bridal shop attendant. They would be the perfect person to help you find a veil that will look good on you, answer questions, and more.

Now your problems shopping for plus size wedding dresses should be solved …

Source by Ellie Lucas


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