Learn How to Deal With Stomach Acid Problems

Learn How to Deal With Stomach Acid Problems

Learn How to Deal With Stomach Acid Problems

When most people begin feeling heartburn symptoms they immediately associate it with acid reflux disease, ulcers or other problems caused by too much stomach acid. However these symptoms and others like gasiness, flatulence, stomach pains and indigestion can actually be caused by a lack of production of stomach acid. This condition occurs with GERD and Hydrochlohydria. It is crucial to diagnose this problem correctly as treatment and medications for too much stomach acid can obviously make the problem worse.

Digestive Enzymes

Enzymes like Pepsin work in the stomach to break down food, aid digestion. Hydrochloric acid helps break down food and kill and prevent harmful bacteria from moving between the stomach and small intestine. As opposed to acid reflux where acid comes back up into the esophagus, low stomach acid production causes food to stay in the stomach too long, in some cases leading to regurgitation of food and stomach contents.

What You Should NOT Do:

  • Try not to bend over after meal time and keep your upper
  • body elevated
  • Do not eat large meals and over eat
  • Try not to drink liquids with your meal

Treatment For Too Little Stomach Acid

There are many natural acid reflux remedies and home based cures for stomach acid problems. The great news is that they are safe, affordable and effective. Part of a natural cure for low stomach acid and digestive problems is based on improving your metabolism. This can be done through through diet and exercise. It does not have to be strenuous, but the more you can do, the more it will help.

Some Natural Remedies For Low Conditions

  • Stay hydrated – drink 6-10 glasses of water per day
  • Get regular exercise, even if it is 20 minutes walking
  • Eat 6-7 smaller meals and snacks throughout the day
  • Keep your upper body elevated when laying down
  • Take a teaspoon of mustard
  • Drink a couple teaspoons of apple cider vinegar

A good way to tell if you have high or low stomach acid levels is taking taking antacids increases the symptoms or if eating acidic foods has not really made your symptoms worse, then you may be suffering from low production of acid. Make sure you do everything you can to promote good digestion and a high metabolism through a good diet and regular exercise.

Source by Nat Brown


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