Natural Acne Treatment Can Heal Pimples and Moisturize Dry Skin

Natural Acne Treatment Can Heal Pimples and Moisturize Dry Skin

Natural Acne Treatment Can Heal Pimples and Moisturize Dry Skin

Accutane looks to be the last chance for people suffering from cystic acne. While Accutane has been shown to be a revolutionary treatment for persistent acne, it is not without side effects. The most troublesome consequence of the treatment is dry skin.

Accutane's effectiveness is due to its ability to deter sebum production. The idea is that if there is no excess oil in the follicles, the odds developing clogged pores that lead to acne with reduce dramatically.

However, 8 to 10 people who have used the treatment have complained of dry skin and peeling. In fact, the reality is that Accutane can deal with acne problems, but an additional treatment is needed to deal with Accutane's secondary effects.

Fortunately, there is an effective solution for these consequences in the form of an all natural skin care product. This product relieves dry skin produced by Accutane but does not diminish the effects of isotreitinoin drugs. It even helps Accutane treatments because it works as an anti acne product as well.

The Dry Skin Issue

When fighting acne, the worst problems you can face are dry skin and peeling. Dry skin is more susceptible to external factors and when bacteria find their way into affected areas, irritation can increase.

In some cases, Accutane can worsen acne since bacteria and toxins can invade the peeling and flaking areas of skin. This invasion can also make its way to the deer layers of the skin producing significant problems.

Any economy-sized bottle that you find in the drug store will probably not help alleviate dry, peeling skin associated with Accutane. In fact, some over the counter lotions contain harsh ingredients that only worsen already irritated skin. At most, moisturizers will produce immediate, but temporary relief. However, what your skin needs is a deeply penetrating moisturizer capable of reaching the deepest lipid layers.

Relief from Nature

Natural skin care creams can function in combination with your body to hydrate dry, itchy skin due to Accutane treatments. The cream is nontoxic and can be used in conjunction with Accutane. For this reason, dermatologists recommend it to help alleviate the painful side effects produced by the treatment.

Once the lotion has been applied to the affected area, glycosaminoglycans and proteoglycans are produced. These water holding molecules are responsible for the skin moisture. The essential elements present in the lotion work in conjunction with the lipid barrier of your skin and maintain hydration, helping you avoid scaling and flaking.

At the same time, the product destroys hazardous pathogens on the skin's surface because it contains antimicrobial peptides. Bacteria that flourish on the skin tend to find their way into the pores destroying healthy cells and leading to acne scars .

This product is also a cleanser. Biological enzymes stabilize the production of sebum and allow it to reach the surface unhindered. If sebum can flow freely to the skin surface, the possibility of clogged pores and acne is reduced significantly.

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