Pain Pill Addiction – Did the Injury Lead to Prescription Drug Abuse?

Pain Pill Addiction – Did the Injury Lead to Prescription Drug Abuse?

Pain Pill Addiction - Did the Injury Lead to Prescription Drug Abuse?

It's very easy in this world of fast black market drugs to think that they're the only ones being abused. Most drug addiction actually comes from prescription pills, believe it or not. There are multiple ways to detect if someone is abusing prescription pills, and ways you can deal with it without ruining that person's life. Pain pill addiction can be a very horrible thing to those who have never experienced it.

Once someone begins taking certain medication for their ailments, it can be very hard for them to stop taking the drug because their bodies have gotten so used to it. One of my uncles was addicted to pain pills for months with no one considering a thing. This is because he kept his addiction well hidden and never enough himself away to his family. However, some people who abuse pain pills will show obvious signs of running off to the bathroom or going out for a 'walk' to abuse their drug. If you suspect them of this, keep a close watch on them and confront them if you see them abusing pills.

If someone is addicted to many different forms of medication, they might be seeing different doctors on a weekly basis. Doctors have complete doctor-patient confidentiality and it's not illegal or anything to have more than one doctor. Drug addicts can be very manipulative and cunning when it comes to supporting their habit, so be on the look out for this too. Visit any doctor you think they might have gone to and ask if they were there.

Another sign of pain pill addiction is an increase in alcohol use. If someone is addicted to pills, often times they will use alcohol to increase the effectiveness of the pills. This can be very dangerous and if someone you know who seems to be troubled for some reason starts drinking a lot of alcohol, ask them if they've been doing other drugs and ask them if they need your attention. Some addictions are vain for help and the people that are going through them only need a shoulder like yours to cry on to get them through it.

It can be very tough dealing with a pain pill addiction situation like some of the scenarios I mentioned above. If you feel like someone is abusing prescription pills, you need to get them into rehab as soon as possible. Most people will stage an intervention first and this is usually enough to get a sensible person to admit that they need help and to check themselves into a drug treatment program or rehab center.

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