Some Tips To Tackle Nutrient Loss When Cooking Veggies In a Slow Cooker

Some Tips To Tackle Nutrient Loss When Cooking Veggies In a Slow Cooker

Some Tips To Tackle Nutrient Loss When Cooking Veggies In a Slow Cooker

How can you tackle the loss of nutrients that take place when you make use of a slow cooker? It is important to clarify here that there is no cooking process which does not result in loss of nutrients.

The best that you can do is to reduce loss of nutrients to manageable levels. If you want maximum nutrients, it is important to eat the food raw. However, that is not feasible either. Here, you should find out ways and means to reduce loss of nutrients when you are making use of a slow cooking device.

Firstly, you should try to reduce the instance of waste of water. If you have used a particular quantity of water to wash the vegetables, you should try and use it in the cooking itself. This will ensure that the nutrient that was washed away from the vegetables is re-added in the cooking process.

Secondly, you should not drain away the excess water and throw it away. Rather, you should either mix it with the food or have it separately to ensure that the nutrient flow is reduced to the minimum.

There are certain instances where sauteing the food item before cooking it in the slow cooking device will help you retain the nutrients. Another option is to cook the main dish using the cooker and come back home and make use of the normal stove to cook side dishes and other accompaniments. This will help you increase the nutrition in the food without any inconvenience.

Even when you are cooking on the stove, excess heating and boiling can be bad for your foods nutritional value. Here, you can be assured that your decision to go in for a slow cooking device is not going to affect the family's nutritional intake.

Since you will have more time to spend on cooking up a meal after you returned home, you can make innovative salads and other dishes that are rich in nutrients and fiber. You may not have the time or the inclining to do so because you have to prepare the entire meal along with the side dishes.

Since the slow cooker takes care of the meal, you just have to spend few minutes with your family members in the kitchen and the tastiest and the new most nutritious dishes would be ready.

Of course, proper maintenance of the slow cooker will ensure that loss of nutrients is reduced to the minimum. Further, variation of the diet is also going to increase the nutritional intake of your family.

Source by Nazimabee Woozeer


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