To Lose Weight How Many Calories Do I Need To Burn – Wan Wan Wan!

To Lose Weight How Many Calories Do I Need To Burn – Wan Wan Wan!

To Lose Weight How Many Calories Do I Need To Burn - Wan Wan Wan!

I can not stand it any time I hear this question: "how many calories do I need to burn?" Now I suppose I could do the proper thing when asked this question and be like the hundreds of other ridiculous weight loss sites, programs, and expected experts that are on the net and tell you that the answer to the question is how many calories do I need to burn is Five Hundred a day! You see you need to either eat 500 calories less per day or work out enough that you burn at least 500 calories a day in order to lose the 1-2 pounds! Wan Wan Wan!

But being proper is never one of my finer points !! I mean come on ?? What is that information going to do for you ?? Who in their right mind thinks that they are going to count calories either consumed or burned for the rest of their life? Instead adapt this as your mind and you will see much better results with your weight for life!

Ok, so most people know that they require a certain amount of calories for their body to function through correctly. If you are active or performing other more strenuous tasks throughout the day you require even more. I recommend thinking of the calories you need for energy like money you have in your pocket. Everyone has a total calorie "budget" and with any budget, you should divide it into "necessities" and "extras."

With your financial budget, necessities would be things such as your mortgage and groceries. The extras would be like vacations, going out to eat, new shoes, etc. In a calorie budget, necessities are the minimum calories required to meet your nutrient needs. The nutrients found in foods are the essential components we need to sustain life, grow and be active. Healthy eating is often misinterpreted with drastically cutting calories or going on unbalanced, crash diets. Which typically originates by the way with that hated question of how many calories do I need to burn!

By selecting the lowest fat and no sugar added foods you make the best nutrient buys. Why waste extra calories in full fat or full sugar foods when the healthy options taste just as good? When considering what to eat in the run of a day do not ask yourself how many calories do I need to burn, instead think along the lines that you want your "biggest bang for your buck." Depending on the foods you choose, you may be able to burn more calories than the amount required to meet your nutrient needs. These calories are the "extras" that can be used on luxuries like solid fats, added sugars and alcohol. They are your discretionary calories. If you have been good all week and eaten clean meals … there may be some room once in a while for you to have a small indulgence. It's when our calorie account is always overdrawn with extra calories, that does not allow you those treats, because you simply continue to store more calories, in turn more fat.

When asking the question how many calories do I need to burn, the best rule to go by is the 80/20 rule which applies in 2 different ways. The first is that 80% is what you eat and 20% what you do, that is the deciding factor whether or not you reach your weight loss goal, much easier then asking how many calories do i need to burn. The other rule that applies when asking yourself how many calories do i need to burn is 80% of the time you should eat to fuel your body, 20% is sufficient for enjoying the junk foods. With that in mind make educated choices on what you put into your body. Every time you eat something, say to yourself am I eating for fuel or for pleasure? Take pride in your educated choices and pass your health knowledge along to the people you care about, it's all about knowledge, so teach someone something today! Explain to them that the question is not how many calories do I need to burn but how many do I need to function through out the day and lead a healthy life.

Source by Andrew Pitre


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