Treat Your Dry Skin With Natural Products

Treat Your Dry Skin With Natural Products

Treat Your Dry Skin With Natural Products

When your skin is dry, cracked, becoming lined with wrinkles, and just feels completely parched, you know the time has come to take care of it.

Natural treatments have been around for a very long time. Consider Cleopatra! It's been said that Cleopatra used essential oils to moisturize her face and body, even masks and special cleansing scrubs, all composited of natural fixes. It has been said that she may have used a wrinkle reducer and natural treatment composed of beeswax, maringa oil, aloe, goose fat, fennel, castor oil and other dry skin care concoctions. In fact, the very first known treatment on the face dates back to around 3000 BC in Egypt. This skin care elixir consist of a type of animal bile, whipped up eggs from ostriches, olive oil, a kind of dough, and a milk mixture.

Over the years, many (including Cleopatra) discovered the wonders of natural ingredients. Now in modern times, people, of course, do not want to forage for ostrich eggs, put any type of bile on their skin, or take the time to make up their own natural serum. Thankfully, many of today's products are being formulated using natural ingredients. Why is dry skin natural treatment back in vogue? The answer is: because it works! Cleopatra was known, after all, for her beauty and meticulous skin care regimens.

A dry skin serum formed with natural oils and ingredients is a proven winner and is best for you and your health overall. Why use a skin cream that contains potentially damaging chemicals when you can choose to smooth a dry skin product with natural ingredients on your skin?

A good dry skin product will probably contain jojoba oil. Jojoba is a shrub that has oil (or wax) in its seeds that is similar to whale oil. It is a great moisturizer for dry skin on face or body. And it's natural. Ageless Derma Organic Moisturizing Lotion containing natural ingredients, one of which is jojoba seed oil. It will soften and soothe your skin as it moisturizes, keeping your outer moisture barrier intact.

A plant called glycine soja is a wild ancestor of the soybean plant. glycine soja is known for its moisturizing properties and is rich in omega-3 fatty acids that are great for your health and your skin. It is also rich in protein. A good dry skin skin care product such as the Ageless Derma Organic Moisturizing Lotion contains natural glycine soja, a natural skin aid that can actually repair cellular damage. Think of the way the sun can damage your skin and dry it out; glycine soja can help repair that damage.

Look no further than the avocado for an excellent moisturizing and healing oil for dry skin on the face. It contains a high amount of Vitamin E, a natural healing agent for dry skin skin care. The oil expressed from the pulp of the avocado plant has essential vitamins and minerals that will regenerate skin cells and moisturize your skin. Avocado oil is a great natural ingredient not only because it can heal and moisturize, but also because it can penetrate the skin's outer layer to get in deeply where damage may lie. The avocado is amazingly rich in proteins, fatty acids, and lecithin (a lipid that can be traced back to Cleopatra's use of bile and egg). You can find a great dry skin natural treatment containing avocado oil, including those made by Ageless Derma.

Cleopatra used natural oils to moisturize her skin and the same holds true today. A great ingredient is sweet almond oil. Almond oil has natural fatty acids (omegas) that will balance your skin's oils and make the skin smooth.

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