Ways To Help Women Deal With Menopause

Ways To Help Women Deal With Menopause

Ways To Help Women Deal With Menopause

Menopause is a term used to describe a time in the woman's reproductive phase, when the ovaries determine to produce the reproductive hormones estrogen and progesterone. It is in this stage of life that a woman's menstruation periods end and the body under goes changes that make a woman incapable of conceiving. Menopause may cause women to experience hot flashes, weight gain, vaginal dryness, changes in hair quality and weight gain among many other experiences. However, the effect varies from woman to woman. They are a number of ways that women can use to manage these menopause symptoms.

Key among them is menopause hormonal therapy. It has been widely used to replenish hormones in a woman's reproductive system that are no longer being produced because relieving symptoms associated with menopause. They are two types of hormonal therapy used in treating menopausal symptoms. They are progesterone and estrogen therapies. In estrogen therapy, small doses of estrogen are taken alone as pills, patches and creams. Progesterone therapy combines doses of both estrogen and progesterone. Many women have opted to take a special type of hormonal therapy, referred to as Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) which is considered a natural hormone therapy. It involves using of hormones that are identical to the molecular structure of hormones produced in the ovaries of a woman. BHRT is viewed as the most effective hormone therapy in treating menopausal symptoms compared to other conventional therapies.

BHRT is becoming more popular among women is that it is a replica of the hormones produced by the body naturally at one time which is why it is called bioidentical. They are not made from foreign products, which women may fear to have health risks if induced in the body as part of the hormone therapy. It is touted as a natural hormone therapy that does not introduce other chemicals in the body which can cause severe side effects on the health of women. It is also known to reduce or eliminate other problems associated with menopause in women life.

One of the most popular benefits of using BHRT is that it as been proved to accelerate the rate of burning body fat in women. Women have reported reductions in weight gain which is a key symptom that the majority of women experiencing menopause have to fight against. Perhaps this benefit is the reason that BHRT is popular with actresses and people with a very public life to whom physical appearance is very important. These women have also helped to spread the word to other woman around the world about the benefits of BHRT, increasing its popularity.

BHRT has been in use since 1939 and while it has yet to be introduced in some countries, in others it is very popular and widely used. There are a number of health journals that have documented it as a safe and easy to use hormone therapy. In addition, it has no proven side effect and that benefits that after after administrating can last for six months. Apart from using hormone therapy, women are strongly advised to maintain a healthy lifestyle. They are in this regard urged to exercise regularly, eat healthy foods and stop smoking as the secret behind staying healthy.

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