Wear Plus Sizes? Do not Listen to the Fashion Experts

Wear Plus Sizes? Do not Listen to the Fashion Experts

Wear Plus Sizes? Do not Listen to the Fashion Experts

The Fashion Experts are Wrong – Here's Proof …

If you, like me, are a plus-sized woman, you can not afford to make mistakes in choosing what to put on your body. But if you are listening to the fashion experts without knowing your own beauty and energy type, you may be doing that every single day. In fact, that may be one of the biggest reasons why there are clothes in your closet that you never wear!

First Fashion Rule to Break

Wear black because black is slimming.

The idea behind it is that darker clothes are slimming and since black is the darkest color of all, it seen as the most slimming color you could wear. But this is only true for you if your beauty type is the one who can wear black. If you are not a type four and you wear black, it is likely to make you look older, less attractive than you are and, worst of all, like you do not feel well!

Many women have no idea how beautiful they really are because they do not know how to dress their truth, which means dressing according to your energy type. When you know how to dress your truth, you will look beautiful in everything you wear!

Do You Envy Supermodels?

I did! I longed to be as beautiful as they were and wished that I could somehow magically transform myself so that I was the envy of other women, so that I could look beautiful every single day and never have to worry about how I looked.

But I do not envy them anymore! They are beautiful, often stunningly so, but I now know that I am beautiful, too. Is not that great?

I want you to be able to know it, too!

Beauty and Energy Profile Types

Each one of us was born with all four energy types, but one of the four is dominant and one of the four is secondary. Although both the primary and secondary types need to be expressed as part of who we are, even when it comes to how we dress and what makeup and jewelry we wear, when choosing color and fabrication, we need to dress according to our primary type.

So if you are given fashion advice that suggests wearing the long-over-lean look as a way to look 10 lbs. thinner, the way you do that, in terms of color choice and style and fabric needs to follow your beauty and energy type.

"When you are not dressing your truth, you send a message that conflicts with who you are truly saying. nature is not being honored by your appearance. " ~~ Carol Tuttle

Source by Jeanine Byers


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