What Are Some Home Made Dry Skin Remedies Made Of?

What Are Some Home Made Dry Skin Remedies Made Of?

What Are Some Home Made Dry Skin Remedies Made Of?

I thought today that we would look at various types of homemade dry skin remedies. Many of these treatments go back centuries and all use products that are available at home.

Not everyone suffers from having dry skin but a great major of us do have what is known as combination skin. This often means that we have something known as the 'T Zone', all this name reflects to is the fact that across our foreheads and down our noses and chins are the most oily areas on the face. They are unlike the cheeks which will be much dryer.

On the other hand there are those lucky enough to a 'normal' skin. Normal skin is an even level of moisture throughout all the areas on the face.

Dryness of the skin tend to worsen as we age as the skin naturally loses its moisture as well as its levels of elastin and collagen and so care needs to be taken to ensure that our skins remain healthy, after all they are the largest organs of our bodies and they play a very important role in keeping us healthy.

So what are some of the dry skin remedies that have been handed down over the years that others have sworn by? Below are just some of the treasures that I have found.

· One of the easiest things that I have found is using sweet almond oil. I particularly notice that when I am doing massages my hands always feel great afterwards and the clients skin also looks more nourished.

· Honey is another great wonder of nature. Combined with milk or yogurt and applied to your skin for about 10 minutes it leaves it feeling beautiful and of course honey is very therapeutic for many things.

· Another of my favorites is making oatmeal masks and adding fresh berries into the mixture. Again you need to mix it with yogurt, milk or mineral water.

· The simple application of using olive oil is another great dry skin treatment and you will find that natural oils are so much better than using mineral oils such as baby oil or petroleum based gels such as Vaseline.

Petroleum based mineral oils are occlusive. They block the pores preventing them from breathing which can lead to other skin problems such as spots, acne flare ups, and in the long term additional dryness or chapping. Vegetable oils do not do that they are capable to absorb into the skin and not just provide a film over the skin.

But of course dry skin is only part of the problem of aging other anatomical changes of course take place and to battle these we need a different line of defense.

No matter how wonderful the products of nature are they sometimes need a little assistance is in the way that they are combined and extracted to give a synergistic result for tackling all conditions associated with aging skin.

I have now started using an amazing brand of skin care (even though I still use oils occasionally) that is made from natural ingredients, does not contain any harmful chemicals, or petroleum based products and contains some amazing extracts that are capable of addressing the elastin and collagen issues. The ones I talked about earlier.

Source by Karen A Graham


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