Why Are There Bacteria In My Stomach?

Why Are There Bacteria In My Stomach?

Why Are There Bacteria In My Stomach?

After reading this article, it is important to stay calm. Many people get extremely alarmed when they find out that we have billions and billions of bacteria living inside us.

Uninformed people believe that all bacteria are bad. So when they hear we have all these bacteria living in our body, they tend to get extremely worried.

In this article, we will explain to you why these bacteria are there in the first place, and what exactly they do for us.

In our body, we have billions and billions of live bacteria living there. These bacteria are so completely necessary for our body to work.

These bacteria are mostly found in our digestive tract, and there is a very good reason why they are there. Bacteria are very good at breaking things down. They help our stomach break down everything we eat into nutrients that can be absorbed by our digestive system walls.

These bacteria are found in our mouth, our stomach, our colon, everywhere you can think of. Many bacteria like living in our digestive system because they are heat lovers or acid lovers. Our digestive system is warm (body temperature is 98.6 degrees) and it is also filled with acid. In our stomach, in particular, is a ton of acid. This acid is needed to assist in mechanical digestion. But these bacteria love acid and can definitely withstand it, so they tend to find themselves there.

Now you are probably asking, "Are these bacteria alive in my digestive system?" Yes. The bacteria in our digestive system need to be alive in order to do its job.

But, various health problems could cause these bacteria to die off, which could cause digestive problems in our body. For example, say you are sick with a bacteria throat infection. You see the doctor, and they prescribe you an antibiotic.

Great, your throat infection is clear!

But many people do not realize that antibiotics also kill the good bacteria found in the rest of our body. This is why we could develop constipation during the duration of our antibiotics. Antibiotics kill off both the bad and the good bacteria in our body. Our body is under extreme balance, and has mechanisms in order to keep this balance at peace.

When our good bacteria levels start to decrease, our immune system responds quickly to this problem. This is because our body needs its sense of balance, and even killing off some good bacteria causes the body to go into attack mode.

Bottom line, these bacteria are extremely important in your body. They help break down and digest virtually everything you eat, whether it was the bagel you had for breakfast or the ice cream you had for dessert. Finding ways to replenish these bacteria when they are reduced in the body is important. Probiotic and prebiotic supplements are great additions to your diet in order to keep your bacteria levels where they are supposedly to be.

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